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Call Oaks Clocks at (805) 428-8463 for Cuckoo Clock repair and service.

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   Call (805) 428-8463 for Clock Service

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Call Oaks Clocks for grandfather repair and service in Thousand Oaks, CA at (805) 428-8463Oaks Clocks repairs ships clocksOaks Clocks packs clocks for moving.  Call Oaks Clocks at (805)  428-8463 to pack your clock for moving.Oaks Clocks reapirs and restores Quartz Clocks in and near Thousand Oaks, CA.Oaks Clocks repairs and restores clocks in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Ventura,

Oaks Clocks is your local clock shop that provides quality clock repair and service in the San Fernando  Valley and all of Ventura County.  Oaks Clocks professionally repairs antique clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, ships clocks and wall clocks.  

When your clock needs service, call Oaks Clocks, your clock doc. Oaks Clocks repairs floor, grandfather, grandmother clocks in the San Fernando Valley including Woodland Hills, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Simi Valley and all of Ventura County. Oaks Clocks packs clocks for moving by removing the grandfather clock movement, pendulum and weights and properly packs them in boxes for moving.  Oaks Clocks will set up your grandfather clocks after a move.  Insurance companies are welcomed for client clock repairs.

Clocks having a lot of moving parts that require maintenance every two years. Clocks get their “Tick and Tock” by the constant rotation of gears.  This is the process of transfer of motion by clock power that is generated by springs, weights, or a battery.

Getting the gears to turn is possible by a swinging pendulum, balance wheel

Grandfather clocks are also known as floor clocks, granddaughter and grandmother clocks.  The grandeur of the beloved grandfather clocks simply speaks for itself.  The gentle sway of the pendulum creates the familiar soothing tick-tock sound.  Grandfather clocks can have spring driven clock movements, weight driven grandfather clock movements, or battery quartz grandfather clock movements.

Mantle clocks, table top carriage clocks and wall clocks all have clock movements that require bi-yearly maintenance.

Cuckoo Clocks are in world by themselves.  The cuckoo Coo sound is created by two whistles with bellows on top to power wind that blow throw the cuckoo clock whistle.  The cuckoo clock movement has two levers to move up and down at the half hour and hour.  The cuckoo clock movement is connected to the cuckoo clock whistles by lift wires that create the familiar cuckoo bird sound.

Oaks Clocks repairs and service antique clocks