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Oaks Clocks provides experienced Cuckoo Clock repair.    

Cuckoo Clocks are widely known to come from the Black Forest of Germany, but other countries, such as Switzerland also make wonderful cuckoo clocks.  One of the many wonders of the cuckoo is the superb wood carvings, scenery,  and whimsical figurines.  Antique cuckoo clocks usually offer better workmanship and reliability.

Cuckoo clocks can have music boxes and automation.  Depending on the cuckoo clock movement, the clock will require winding each day, or once every 8 days.

The cuckoo coo sound is created by two whistles with bellows on top to power wind that blow throw the cuckoo clock whistle. The cuckoo clock movement has two levers to move up and down at the half hour and hour.  The cuckoo clock movement is connected to the cuckoo clock whistles by lift wires that create the familiar cuckoo bird sound.



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