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Quartz clock movements are a dependable and inexpensive. There are two basic types of quartz clock movements: time only and pendulum. Either time only and pendulum can also include digitized music and chimes such as bim-bam or the familiar Westminster chime.  

Depending on the weight and length of the hands, high torque movements powered by a C battery may be required.  Quartz movements may also include a sweeping second hand that rotates once per minute.

Quartz movements generally are powered by AA, or C batteries.  Unless the clock case is designed for outdoor use, it is recommended to keep them inside. Conditions such as moisture, humidity and environment can adversely affect the movement and electrical conductivity.

Hanging any object must be done in a manor to prevent it from falling off the wall. You need to have a qualified person hang your clock.

Another factor to consider are the length of the hand shaft as well as type of hands that will integrate with your quartz clock movement. Quartz clock hands generally come in two types: push on and I Slot.

If the clock case has a glass lens, you must be careful in removing and putting it back together.

Servicing quartz clock movements can be tricky and time consuming.  Oaks Clocks has the experience and skills to repair and service your quartz clock.


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